Monday, January 30, 2012

Here is a Hollywood Juniper Bonsai.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My dear friend Taylor Schmidt a.k.a Tay Dizzle asked me like a year ago if I could design her a tattoo. We are still working on some finishing touches, but this is what we got going so far. These are all real tools she actually uses, including a "mig gun" and a "flat bastard file". She works at a metal shop. I think T'es L'or means You Are Gold in french.
I recently got hooked up with a print shop/gallery in Fells point called Tag Galleries.

I'm not on the website yet, but now I have printing power and they sell my pictures. They are open 11-7, right next to Bertha's Muscles. Look at this tiny Kanye on canvas, it cost $44 dollars in the shop.
I've got secret agents in place around Baltimore.
I recently began working at the Baltimore branch of Utrecht, the art store. The other day an elderly woman named Pauline came in and asked if someone would help her finish a painting. It was a bereavement portrait she began in 1997 after her dog Petite Jacques went to heaven.
But she was so stuck on the face of Little Jack. Everyone knows this feeling. The face was just too important. No room for error. The ultimate recipe for a rut.
I removed the thick patch of white paint and found the original portrait. I think Pauline did a great job actually before she started over thinking it.
She was spot on. Look at PJ.
This was mine.

Face transplant...
Successful fusion.
Best $40 collaboration ever. I was in 4th grade when this painting started. Also,

13 Bonsai on Baltimore Grass

So I have a show in the upstairs back dining room of Brewers Art on North Charles St. in Baltimore. The opening is tomorrow from 7-9. Happy Hour all night.

There are 13 drawings and 13 "paintings." The paintings are colored pencil and acrylic on Rives BFK and Canvas. This bonsai is a Japanese black pine. The drawings are all small, the above colored piece is 24 inches x 21 inches. The largest piece in the show is 4 ft. x 5 ft.