Friday, September 6, 2013

The World Turtle

I heard an old chinese myth that the world sat on a turtle's back.  I also heard about an eight fold path.
 I love yellow tail and shrimp.  There is a disappearing blue fin tuna.  It is hard to see.
 The Blue Crab spawns, but will it be enough for my crab feast.
Don't get a bite from a coral snake.  Red touches black, friend of Jack.  Red touches yellow, kill a fellow.

The Anhinga (dedicated to my father)

This bird is catching a great fish.  It's tail is the symbol of the Maserati a sports car that borrows its insignia from the Trident of Poseidon.  I chose the Anhinga to represent my father because of its fan shaped tail.  The upwards facing triangles represent masculinity.  The clock which is breaking the neck of this bird represent hard work and long hours.  The ginkgo leaves represent wisdom, because I heard ginkgo leaves help your memory.

The White Crane (dedicated to my mother)

My mother loves flowers.  Particularly blue hydrangeas.  The eight fire flies represent guardian angels.  The moon, or circle is squared to represent the spiritual.  There is are downwards facing triangles and they represents femininity.