Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flamenco Yellow

Then one day I search "Flamenco Yellow" in google and look what pops up.  The real lady that the initial digital painting is based off of.  Now, for the first time I am able to see what is actually going on. 

I did some photo-shopping to buy more time.  The above image on the left is what she really looked like after a week of healing from being flayed. 
Then Mr. Javad realized I had glued pieces of Rives BFK to the Canvas.  I was forced to remove all of the paper.  So sad ripping off all of Gloria's skin.
 My father called and said "He wants you to change this part of the dress.  It looks like a mouth and eyes."  Cool.

 Finally, she must be done.  This was around November of 2011 right before I began working at Utrecht Art Supplies.
 Not smooth enough background.
 Take out the squigglies.
July 2011, hope on the horizon.  Thanks to Keenan Derby, for making this enormous canvas for me.

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