Saturday, June 6, 2009

We were given the assignment to redesign the movie Logan's Run (1976), making it more contemporary, and less of a campy 70's sci-fi film. The film takes place in a postapocalyptic, futuristic society that lives in giant domes. They live in a world of constant pleasure and happiness, until they reach the age of 30 and then they must allow themselves to be killed. If anyone tries to avoid the standardized age of death they are hunted down by the Sandmen, who will stop at nothing to enforce the rule. The Sandmen in the original movie were regular guys with tiny laser guns, so I reinterpreted the Sandman as a large insect-like robot, or mech constrolled from within, or remotely. The scene at the top is a woman attempting to run, but getting snatched up by a Sandman-robot somewhere outside the boundaries of the city. The other two images are my designs for the clothing of the regular citizens. All acrylic with a little digital work.

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