Wednesday, May 16, 2012

13 Bonsai

 Chinese Pepper, 16 x 20, Brown extra, sold
 Dawn Redwood, 16 x 20, Brown extra
 White Chinese Elm, 24 x 24, Red, sold
 Lacebark Elm, 24x24, Red, sold
 Hinoki Cypress, 24 x 24, Red
 Japanese Black Pine, 24x24, Red
 Japanese Larch, 24 x 30, Purp
 Chinese Banyan Fig, 24 x 30, Purp
 Japanese Juniper, 30 x 30, Brown
 Lebanon Cedar, 30 x 30, Brown
 Sugi, 30 x 30, Brown
 Hollywood Juniper, 36 x 42, Green, sold
Satsuki Azalea, 48 x 60, Big Blue

Bonsai continues...
I began this work on the eleventh of November back in 2011.  It was displayed in Brewers Art from Febs to April.  Nine of Thirteen remain.  I will paint their leaves, frame them, and sell them.  Thanks to my patrons and peoples.  Much love from Baltimore.  My next series focuses on Angels.

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