Monday, May 21, 2012


 The preliminary angel_1 is complete. Now I must illustrate the Christian Angelic Hierarchy.  My paintings will line the walls of the famous Tusk Lounge, which is being renamed "The Angel Bar."   
 There are 9 types of angels I will be depicting in 6 pieces.  The first and highest ranking of the angels is the SERAPH. 
The Seraphim (plural) are said to be closest to God, protecting his throne and shouting "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord!"  There are only 4 of them.  They have six wings and are described as "fiery serpents." For this reason some believe that Lucifer was a seraph before his fall but many argue he was actually a cherub.  Next time I'm in Italy I'll have to ask the Pope.

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  1. Hey man, I really like this drawing, there is some great stuff happening here, especially in the figure and the wings, the values are beautiful.